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Tibetan Buddhist Practices

The Tibetan Buddhist teachings of the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo derive from two intact traditions: the Drikung Kaygu and the Nyingma lineages. Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is the primary teacher, root guru, and enlightenment guide on this path.  She is so empowered by the heads of both lineages: H.H Chetsang Rinpoche, of the Drikung Kagyu lineage, and H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche, of the Nyingma lineage.

Sunray offers regular programs and retreats open to all levels of students.

  • Refuge and Bodhisattva vows

  • Shamatha meditation instruction and practice on Sunday mornings at Vajra Dakini Nunnery

  • Vajrayana teachings

  • Foundation practice of Ngondro.  This is the set of preliminary practices that traditionally have been accomplished before advanced practices are given. They include Refuge, Vajrasattva, Mandala and Guru Yoga.  We offer instruction in the Drikung Kagyu and Nyingma Ngondro.

  • Guru Padmasambhava Practice: Guru Padmasambhava is thought of as the second Buddha, reviving Buddhism in Tibet after it was nearly lost in the 800’s. 

Vajra Yogini/Yeshe Tsogyal Practices and Retreats: The unique teachings of Yeshe Tsogyal are available to us through Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, long recognized as an emanation of Yeshe Tsogyal/Vajra Yogini/Prajnaparamita and in direct connection with her wisdom mind. Yeshe Tsogyal is considered the greatest Tibetan female meditator, who both preserved the all teachings of Guru Padmasambhava and gave her own teachings.   As a Sangha we hold practices of Yeshe Tsogyal from many lineages.

Vajra Dakini Nunnery website provides additional information.