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The Shaking Hand Method of Healing, by Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

May this holiday season bring joy, health, abundance and skillful methods to each of you and your relatives.

The snows of winter arrived early this year bringing hints of transformation to our community here in the Green Mountains. The local community grows through Wednesday evening dharma talks, and daily practice. We have found balance in our schedules which permits us to meet for practice and study. May the spaciousness we feel extend to all.

The snow arrived at dusk September 20, as a small group met to study the shaking hand method of healing. The shaking hand method attunes the etheric aura to it's optimum pitch thereby enhancing health and peace of mind. It's efficacy is supported by the healing practitioners' connection with earth's telluric energy and sky's lightening grid.

I have included a small excerpt from my upcoming book "Cherokee Observations of Nature", on the preparation stage, accumulating and actualization phases of the Shaking Hand Method.

* Thanks and dedication. Begin by giving thanks to all those who have been kind and who have shared teaching and wisdom with you.

* Circle breathing and attunement. Sense breath and pulse resonating with the pulse beat of the Earth and the sky.

* Beginning with the circle breath, inhaling, feeling the Earth arise; exhaling, feeling the heavens descend. Consciously letting the medicine of breath as light circle around. Perceiving the spaces of the body infused with light. Bringing both hands together as triangle, fingertips together.

* Inhaling Earth as hands reach up, exhaling to sky, and inhaling the heavens; then hands turn so fingertips point towards the Earth, and exhaling to Earth. Conscientiously acknowledging the threads of light that unite all living beings. Repeat this three times.

* Exercises. There are also more strenuous exercises, incorporating breathing ,visualization and the dance of the directions which are also part of the preparation stage. Some of these are done sitting on the ground and actually making contact with the subtle energy that arises from the Earth that many would refer to as electromagnetism.

This is the preparation and gathering for learning and accomplishing the Shaking Hand Method of Healing. The main purpose of the preparatory Shaking Hand exercises is to bring the pulse of the sacrum and cranium into harmony with the Earth.

* Recognizing energy in the hands. In the next stage of exercises, standing with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, feeling as though the body is suspended by the stars above and that there is a tube of light moving through the center of the body, which is also luminous. Inhaling up, bringing the hands just in front, at shoulder height. Exhaling, spreading the hands out, inhaling, bringing the hands close together until you feel a sense of energy between them. At that point of recognizing pulsation between the

* Vigorously rubbing palms together. While still maintaining the shoulder-width stance, knees gently flexed, hips softly tucked, place the palms in front of the face, extending the palms from the face as you exhale and sense the energy, the light; then inhaling, bringing the palms close to the face, and in a circular motion just brushing around the head, with the palms not touching, just as close as possible to perceive some energy from your palms.

* Then to your chest: exhale, contract lower abdomen, tighten sphincter muscles, bring hands down to thighs. Inhale, exhale. Inhaling, bringing hands up midline of the body, fingertips turning upward till palms are just in front of your face, in front of your orbital sockets.

* At the distance of your hands from your face at which you first sense warmth, as the energy from your hands, begin gently brushing down the trunk of the body. Repeat this three to nine times.

These simple exercises awaken ones perception as well as enhance health as taught by Eonah Fisher and Nellie Ywahoo.