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Peacemaking in all our Relationships

In honor of the Gandhi-King: A Season for Nonviolence - A season that never ends by Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo

Attributes for Peaceful Living in Our Everyday Lives

Three principles of awakened mind guide enlightened action: will to see the Mystery as it is, intention to manifest ones purpose for the benefit of all, and courage to do what must be done.

All peoples, all religions trace their roots to the one Great Tree of Peace. Through perceiving the common factors of human condition and mind, we see ourselves as relatives in the Family of Life. The Peacemaker of the Tsalagi gave teachings to rekindle the fire of clear mind and remind the people of their spiritual responsibility. These teachings are like a roadmap; they guide us to live each day in full recognition of ones relationship with the world. We are reminded that the power to manifest peace exists in each of us.

Our thoughts and actions contribute to creating a world of peace. Thoughts weave patterns which become the texture of our lives. Allow illusions to fade and disappear; discipline your mind to see clearly yourself and others in good relationship and energize through action a world in balance. Conceptualize, Visualize energize with prayer and skillful action people cooperatively actualizing a world of Peace.

Self - One in the Circle of Life

Peaceful, skillful living arises from the heart of our relationship with Creator and the seed of awakened luminosity. As we embrace the dignity of human birth we activate our spiritual integrity. Integrity, self will aligned with sacred principles, infuses the choices we make in thought, word and action and brings about skillful means for living in todays world.

Wholeness - Recognize mother and father within and come to peace with those elements.

Alignment - The primordial force of Life, will, born of the void brings forth Life. Each being is connected with awakened presence. Become attuned to your will, align it with creations laws and take responsibility for shaping the environment with our thoughts and actions. Daily spiritual practice sweeps away illusions of separation which give rise to aggression.

Contemplation - We have the gift of precious human birth and through our breath we are in relation with all Life, never separated from the Great Mystery. Acknowledge the abundance in our life; it creates waves of grace on which to move in the world. Remember that it is our sacred duty to let the energy of happiness flow from our hearts. Give thanks for the gifts of life and lessons learned.

Self Acceptance - Honor and understand your sacred purpose in this Life. Each of us has particular gifts, a unique role in the circle. Conscious will becomes manifest as one dedicates ones gifts for the benefit of the family, clan, nation, all beings. Affirm that we are light and truth; see the unique way you manifest this truth and honor it.

Non-attachment - The wise practitioner cultivates the principle of will to overcome habits of conflict and discord. Know yourself, your own mind so that one may not be swayed by habitual patterns of thought, speech and action. Sit and watch, find a place of stillness which is our natural state of mind. Pacify conflictual states by replacing such states with your thoughts of the 'ideal resolution'.

Prayer - Know the creative power of your own mind and be willing to give the mind a harmonious form within which to operate. This is the importance of the sacred practice of prayer and meditation. Prayers and sacred mantras tame the mind by replacing destructive or limiting thought patterns with those that pacify negative traits and affirm the inherent good.

Gratitude - A prayer of thankfulness puts you in harmony for the day. It is most auspicious for the present and for the future to acknowledge the energy of appreciation. Even a simple prayer that each may understand and see the beauty affirmed in one's life and action will plant a seed of good cause, and good relationship. Pause for a moment, and offer a prayer of thanks.

Other - We Are In Relationship

Once we recognize and know ourselves, we begin to know and understand others as inseparable from ourselves. Two emerges from one by self-observation. Friendship is a sacred trust that begins when we are friends to ourselves. Recognizing ourselves as spiritual beings learning to be human, we see friendship as opportunity to grow.

Compassion - Love and Wisdom reside in our hearts. Have such an overflowing heart of compassion that one is a mother-father of all things, the energy of renewal flowing from one's heart. Such a mind holds itself in a discipline of clear reality, looking to see the course of right action, the action that will manifest the greater good for all our relations. Turn aside the veil of anger to release the beauty inherent in all.

Mindfulness - Habitual thought patterns become your reality, they create a force seeking fruition. When experiencing familiar patterns of thought, quietly observe them so that they may be transformed to those that benefit you and manifest your ideal. See things as they are, be fully present in the moment; this will manifest right thought and right action.

Forgiveness - It is easy to see another's vice or fault and what 'they' out to correct. A wise person corrects their response to situations and behaviors and creates a path for clear relations. The real issue is to clarify one's own consciousness, be one of clear mind moving in the present rather than reacting to issues of the past. Forgive ourselves and others for what might have been, and state clearly how clarity may be manifest in the now.

Courage - Fear of what might be, could be, are thoughts based on possibilities. Fear of failure hinders a beginning. What can you be sure of? When you inhale, you exhale, and smoke rises from the fire. Do not be deceived by the fluttering of emotions. Cultivate certainty by observing the cycles of nature. Breathe in, breathe out and be courageous in giving and receiving love.

Honesty - Speak only words of truth; speak the truth of your own experience and hold the sunshine in your heart. Consciousness of choice and relationship is medicine for us in this moment. Let us know that we can work with one another, see the best in one another, and diligently and energetically maintain the idea of truth.

Listen - The sound of one's word, one's thinking, goes out into the world and comes back as reality. And as we find our own voice to manifest the beauty we dream, we strive not to put other voices down. Listening carefully, actively, openly, fosters understanding and right relationship between one another. It waters the seed of another person's dream. Listen joyfully to those around you and watch how this simple action helps dreams to grow.

Appreciation - Speak only of the good qualities of others, see the Light in everyone. Let people know what you appreciate about them. Compare nothing; see all for its suchness. When you speak to someone, reflect what you notice of their good qualities.

Family - We Make Right Action

The family is the basis of understanding our interconnectedness to all beings. Our relationship with the Creator combined with self-observation and mindfulness, gives rise to active intelligence - the gateway to understanding the interweaving of all things. Honor in family relations acknowledges the flow of wisdom within the individual, the group, and the planet.

Active Intelligence - Will aligned with Compassion gives rise to Active Intelligence; it is inherent in each of us. Within the question lies the answer, within the problem lies the solution. Our direct perception of the Essence, which is present in all, connects us to this innate intelligence, that it may fuel all action.

Choice - Choice is a gracious gift. Clear, direct action acknowledges the stream of wisdom within yourself. Along with the gifts of imagination, visualization, and affirmation, we can make choices which will benefit individuals, families and groups. You have chosen to be with your family, friends, and co-workers, remember to see the beauty in everyone. Chose to affirm Life, remember sacred duty, and be the best person you can be.

Generosity - Generosity means giving, and it begins in the heart by affirming confidence in the abundance of the universe. Abundance flows in a circle, so when you fear and think scarcity thoughts, then the flow of abundance in our lives becomes constricted. Generous actions from a generous heart bring peace and abundance for you, and all in the circle. Breathe, open your heart and remember to share with all of those around you.

Dream -To recall that one is dreaming is to be in contact with the stream of mind as it weaves its course through realms of consciousness. Dreaming develops a continuity of consciousness between sleeping and waking and enables us to be attentive to all aspects of our thought. Affirm that you will remember all that occurs during sleep, and make note of your dreams in a dream journal.

Serve - As you become a committed caretaker for the Earth and for others, your affirmation to benefit people and the land unto future generations becomes a storehouse of energy which can transform thought forms of confusion even in the environment. Commit yourself to manifest peaceful mind today and accomplish specific tasks to that end. The more you practice, the stronger the light illuminating your ideal.

Stability - Rooted in the Now. Tracing all appearances to the great tree of Peace.

Visualize - Visualizing our thoughts, and our intentions is a way to manifest them in our lives. Concretely picturing our ideal in great detail is a powerful way to enact it. In our relationships, hold firmly to that which will benefit everyone. Visualize all our relationships with others embraced in compassion and love.

Extended Family - Healing, Attunement To The Light

The very act of our calling ourselves together--as family, as friends, as co-workers--is a creation arising from each one's mind and being. We have chosen to be together. Like the periodic table of the elements, there are aspects of thought and action that also follow basic laws of harmony. The power of right thinking as preventative medicine and divine invocation are tools to be realized by all for healing the family of mankind.

Openness - The body requires a certain balance for the energy of will, love-wisdom and active intelligence to flow. Obscurations of one's thoughts can create a blockage to this flow. Be open to the breath of life. Through it we are connected to many realms, living in the now. Past, present and future meet in the now.

Health - Everything is well, everything is whole, according to the Tsalagi world view. This body is an opportunity. It is a gift, given and earned through your actions, to express the beauty of Creation in this time. By having a this gift, we have a certain responsibility to maintain our body so that the spirit of clarity can move through it easily. Care for your body well, treat it kindly, so that it will be partners with you in creating a Peaceful Earth.

Thankfulness - To begin the process of positive affirmation, give thanks for the gift of life in the human body. From our hearts call forth the best from all the people with whom we met. It is a gift of giving and receiving; one's heart feels it will burst with love and appreciation, free of confining fears. Give thanks for the gift of life in the human body.

Friendship - Speak only of the good qualities of others. Your sacred gift--be it of poetic sound, or of creating pictures that bring peace to other people's minds, or of sitting still, thinking peaceful thoughts--that gift is to be expressed and shared. Put aside thoughts of doubt, fear or confusion to share the gifts you have received.

Patience - The gardener plants the seeds, waters them and awaits the harvest. May we be patient with our process of growth and as diligent as the gardener.

Acknowledgment - Appreciate what is in front of you, beauty arises in each moment. To see the beauty in others is to acknowledge the spark of mind inherent in all. It is a great gift to all enabling the light to dance brightly within each one's consciousness. Notice peoples good intentions and affirm their constructive actions. Acknowledge the clarity of another, and in this simple act, bring forth peace on this planet.

Movement - Movement is exploration, that one may understand the life force moving through oneself. Sacred movement keeps clear the channels within the body, that they may resonate with the land itself. Let your movements be guided by the breathe, and offer a dance that one's intention may manifest in a way that is beneficial to all.

Neighborhood, Village - We Know Something That Is Useful

Peaceful, skillful living within our communities is founded on respect. We recognize that all beings are imbued with the Creators breath, each a dignified human being. Each has something unique to contribute to the wholeness of the circle. By joining together in collaborative effort we create a harmonious relationships and call forth the Great Wisdom to manifest solutions to the needs in our communities.

Knowing - Knowing is an assimilative function. Each of us synthesizes the wisdom of Eternal Presence into a physical manifestation, a gift. We all have a purpose, a sacred duty and we have the gift of the human body to manifest that purpose for the benefit of the whole community. Consider what you know, and, more importantly, how you know and share that with others.

Respect - Respect for Truth, youth, elders, clan, land and nation inspires acts in harmony with the sacred law. This is how we care take the gifts received. Respect for the diversity of expression in our human condition is the foundation which allows us to integrate the wisdom of the many.

Altruism - Give and you shall receive. Share a smile; give alms and kind words. As our own generosity grows, we find that our family receives what is necessary for continued growth. It begins in our mind, it begins in our thought. Recognize that you always have something to give, and then share it with others.

Foresight - A strong community develops a whole vision, inclusive of the diversity of Life. A strong community considers the future generations. The children have come to teach us things, let them know we recognize their wisdom. Consider the future generations, with the mind of preserving life and that which enriches living

Discipline - To see your purpose in life, to understand your creative gifts, and too see the means of actualizing them call for discipline. The Beauty Path is unwavering. Upon it walks the one who is determined to realize the mind of enlightenment. Be energetic and diligent in perceiving the sky behind the clouds, truth behind illusions. Be diligent in seeing each person as a relative in the dance of life.

Courtesy - To renew the cycle of right relationship is to ascertain the basic principals of ethics, morals, and polite formulas. Our expression of these principals in everyday activity cultivates a mind of union based on the community's expression of common good.

Contribution - In Native mind, if you want to do something and have the ability to do it, but spend your time arguing with yourself about it, then you have the illness of being two-hearted. Be constructive. If you see something that needs doing, do it now.

Earth, Clan - I Am Devoted To An Ideal

As we resonate a vision of peace for all beings, we contribute to the collective ideal and well being of the Earth. Each of us carries a gift, inspired by the realm of Light. We are supported by those of like mind who have paved the way for us to bring into action our ideals. Remembering that our thoughts are energy manifesting possible futures, we energize the consciousness of abundance and right relationship to the Earth.

Inspiration - One first visualizes peace abundance harmony and respect of the earth in order to manifest the ideal.

Devotion - When love and devotion to the Earth is carried through with proper thinking and right action the land responds with abundance. We have incorrectly felt that the Earth is here to give to us and have forgotten that the Earth is a living being. Make an offering to the Earth to express gratitude for all that is given.

Reverence - What walks, swims, flies or creeps is in relationship. The mountains, streams and valleys, all things are related to your thought and action. Respect all Life, cut away ignorance in ones own nature.

Caretaking - We have a responsibility to generate wholeness of mind in which patterns of conflict, separation, and scarcity come to balance. Generate the antidote to conflict in practical ways. Is everyone you know safe, fed and warm? What do you have that you may share with another? Caretake those around you so that they too feel abundance and love.

Conservation - Waste not the bounty, want not.

Kindness -Our relationships with other beings is dear, through this sense of being together the heart of kindness, generosity arises. Turn aside the veil of anger to release the beauty inherent in all.

Offerings - All that we receive from Mother Earth must be reciprocated for the sacred balance to remain. Our offerings make clear a way of appreciation, that the healing of gratitude may reach through time and space to the heart of all beings.  

Nation - I Can Transform What I See Needs Changing

As we acknowledge the part that diversity plays in the whole, the nation becomes purified of illusions of separation. The individual articulates their wisdom through will and action. When each fully accepts personal power and responsibility as citizens to speak out on what is correct all voices are represented in the circle. A family of common purpose transforms personal and group relations to the ideal of right human relations.

Discipline - To see your purpose in life, to understand your creative gifts, and too see the means of actualizing them call for discipline. The Beauty Path is unwavering. Upon it walks the one who is determined to realize the mind of enlightenment. Be energetic and diligent in perceiving the sky behind the clouds, truth behind illusions. Be diligent in seeing each person as a relative in the dance of life.

Awakened Mind - Dont get hypnotized. In this time of forms falling away, we each have a responsibility to see how we are contributing to the future.

Trust - The foundation of trust rests in one's direct perception of Truth arising within. Trust the gift of life and the merit earned through right action. Test all ideas to sewhat fruit they shall bear.

Unity - The group must take responsibility for transforming the community structures from a mentality of separation to one of unity. Acknowledging the part that multiplicity plays in the whole, the family becomes purified of illusions of separation.

Inclusiveness - In the old days, Native American governmental systems incorporated the wisdom of the minority voice until all were clear on the single choice and course of action. Imagine a community that honors the dignity and worth of every human being.

Nonviolence - Release Anger. The discriminating practitioner opens the eye of wisdom to see anger as a thoughtform, a form created out of the mind, not the true nature of the person. Neither kill, nor harbor thoughts of an angry nature for they destroy peace Life a bullet.

Transmutation - Pacify conflictual states, purify confused view, energize the ideal and do what needs doing.

Planet - I Am A Planetary Citizen In Oneness With Humanity

You make a difference. Human beings have the opportunity to exercise the creative power of intellect. Your mind gives birth to the creative means of reconciliation and transformation. By the force of resonance clarification in your individual relationships to your family, neighborhood, to the nation will expand out to the planet. Seed thoughts of peace moistened by love, tilled by right action, weeds of discord pulled by diligent action. The harvest shall be abundant joy sustaining future generations.

Good Relations - Common factors unite all human beings: desire for security, peace, abundance and ease for our children and grandchildren. The cause of imagined separation is ignorance of our interrelationship. To be in good relation transform patterns of separation and pacify conflicting emotions. This reveals the wisdom within that unites all beings. When confronted with the mind of separation, reflect on how we are connected by the air we breathe and the Earth we share.

Humility - Honor the light in all. Compare nothing; see all for its suchness.

Reciprocity - Reciprocity, whatever is set into motion by our giving nature is returned to us. If we withhold anything from this being, the Earth - our heart, our right action, our care and respect for other living beings - then she, too, will feel dry and unable to give. Give that you may receive.

Right Action - Action to benefit the land and the people unto seven generations shapes the consciousness of the Planetary Caretaker, one who dreams those yet unborn, ever mindful of life's unfolding. When considering a course of action, visualize its benefit for the planet seven generations from now. Do this before taking action and contribute to the greater good.

Caretaker Mind - We are in delicate balance within ourselves, the people and our environment. We are all vibrating together, one resonant field, one field of mind. If there is excess of unclarified emotion in the heart of the people, it is expressed by the nation, felt by the land. By disarming ourselves, putting aside thoughts and behaviors of agreesion we resonate this throughout the Earth so all will come to recognize the need to change.

Planetary Consciousness - Planetary consciousness understands the oneness of humanity and realizes the Earth as our home, with all the people working in harmony for the benefit of the whole.

Integration - Integration is a state of grace. One's creative wisdom state is harmonized with skillful action. Everything resonates with sacred law, and it is inherent in the law that unmanifest potential shall come into form in alignment with the sacred principles of will, love, and active intelligence.

Universality - One Truth Behind All Appearances

Through this world we are given the opportunity to recognize the Great Mystery, the One from which all life arises. To recognize that Mystery is to recognize oneself in step with the seasons, attuned to the voice of the sun and the cycles of the moon. Through these rhythms we are interacting with the Earth and the entire Universe.

Faith - Faith in a sacred plan, divine law, fans the flames of will power to manifest what is good. When one lives with the view that outside forces are determining their reality, a sense of will-lessness, powerlessness arises. Through spiritual practice and faith we reawaken clear relationship with the principle of right action and we know ourselves as contributors of good cause.

Affirmation - Affirmation enables one's unmanifest potential to become real. When changing a habitual pattern, first give thanks for the gift of life in the human body. Then look at your face in the mirror and affirmatively state, "I shall manifest peaceful mind today." Repeat this three times, and also affirm that you will accomplish three specific tasks in that day. By accomplishing those tasks, you create a charge of light energy to illumine the recesses of your own mind.

Responsibility - Be aware of the wisdom energy and its flow in our consciousness, that we may make peace with ourselves, accepting the wisdom of the past and know that the future exists in our hearts at this moment. We have a spiritual relationship and responsibility with our entire environment. Consider how your actions and thoughts are impacting the world around you.

Integrity - Be a confidant and carry no tales. To live ethically is an opportunity. Ethics is the science of right relationship, and in right relationship the inherent patterns of peace and harmony are revealed. Speak the truth, honor the light in all; be good caretakers of one another.

Wisdom - Wisdom is our natural state unencumbered with illusion. Within every being is the stream of wisdom flowing from our ancestors. It is for us to reveal and resonate with in our every action. We are never separated from that natural state.

Power - Power is to manifest your dreams in harmony with sacred truth. We call upon the light of clear vision to perceive the pattern of right action and our individual purpose in life. Upon realizing one's life purpose, one then magnetizes that vision so that it may actualize for the benefit of family, clan, nation, planet, for all beings.

Equanimity - Reactive mind perceives differences. Circle mind see what is. To transform any thought or acticity that hides the perception of the circle is the duty of human beings. Where separation thoughts arise, thoughts of 'them' and 'us', recall that we are all in the circle of life.

Peacekeeper - One who holds the vision of peace as the unfolding of right relationship with family, clan, nation, planet and sacred law of cause and effect.  A Peacekeeper is one who plants seeds of good relationship, and weeds from the mind the rocks of separation.